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Construction Crew Scheduling Software
Posted by KwamiAdmin
Posted date: Jan, 26, 2018
Youtube Posted date: Mar, 07, 2017
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Staff scheduling for construction companies is moving to the cloud. Whether you’re building family homes, office buildings, or industrial plants, you can manage your whole team in a snap, with Snap Schedule 365. You can log in from anywhere: on your desktop, on your laptop, even on your tablet.

You can drag and drop to add each employee to the right shift. Or, see all of your employees, and all of their assignments, and then drag and drop to assign a shift to the right person, on the right day. You can define the locations where your employees need to work. Describe the kinds of employees you need, like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and so on. And you can also specify each employee’s hourly wage… their contact information, including which subcontractor they work for… the locations where they’re authorized to work… any special skills or certifications, and when they’ll expire… how many hours they’re willing to work, per day and per week, and more.

When your schedule is complete, you can send it out to your staff by email—or, just post it online, and invite your employees to log in from their web browser, or using our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Now, they’ll know exactly when and where to report. And you can also allow them to request time off, punch in when they start their shift, and more.

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