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I discovered it ever since I started Runescape years ago

  • Jul 2
    Visit the Mort Myre Swamp and find the Nature Spirit in his grotto RS Gold. Speak to him and ask about the Natural Magicks. He will inform you that he knows of this mythical magic, but he wants several components to correctly use it.

    To obtain the Liquid Starflower, you have to go to the Starflower Dimension, Via fairy rings. Pick a starflower and grind it using a pestle and mortar. Add this into a vial of water and it will become Liquid Starflower. Look about on the minimap for a"!" Dungeon Symbol, which will be in the form of a rope ladder leading into a hole. CLimb the ladder down and you'll find yourself with Desert Titans (Level 114), so be ready. When you reach the end of the chasm, there should be a Misty Pool, use another vial with the pool to obtain Desert Mist.

    - To obtain the Magma Vein, you must ask around Tzhaar before a random NPC will reveal where to locate it. They will say the Magma Vein is located only in the deepest sanctum of all Tzhaar. Find one of those Guard Tzhaars and talk to them. Mention the Magma Vein and they will let you in... under one condition.

    They need a taste of Karamjan Rum. Head Beyond the volcano and then go to the bartender at Karamja and buy one Karamjan Rum. Try to go inside Tzhaar, but the rum will explode, doing a little bit of damage. Go back tot he bartender and inquire about the components in the rum. He will mention it will burst when exposed to extreme heat Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. Ask him what might someone to perform if they"for some reason" wanted to bring the rum to the volcano.