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Proceed through the cave until you get to an area

  • Jun 17

    Proceed OSRS GP through the cave until you get to an area with a small crack. Listen in the crack and all you'll hear is a bunch of squawking. Choose to look through the gap and you will see what looks like a council of birds.

    Return to Ronald and tell him what you saw. He suggests slipping to the council.

    Go back to the cave and into the hole . Equip the disguise and knock on the wall. A bird will let you in through a doorway and you'll be at the council. Head up the stage speak to the leader. Ask what's occurring and the chief claims they're talking"Him". Ask who he is and they'll tell you that he's a hunter who is attempting to catch them. Ronald tells one to tell Larry, who tells you to tell Veldawich. She's severely disappointed in the lack of birds and therefore would like you to find this hunter and place him . She lets you know that a Clockwork Bird can come in handy and provides you an instruction booklet.

    Visit your house and construct a Clockwork Bird. Now use a blue dye onto it to make it blue. Head to the area near the Falconer and find the hunter. Find two trees with hang near eachother, use the significant net on them to hang on it, use the Clockwork Bird underneath the internet to set it down, then go over to the hunter and then talk to him. You'll insult himcausing him to pursue you. Run him under the internet where he'll Buy RS Gold see the bird. Now use a knife online to drop it on him. Take his hat.