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Today everybody will pick a rune-essence column

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    Mar 15
    Today you will need to get the golem, and write a new instruction for him and put it in his mind., and you'll also need to gather 2 friends that are up to the stage in the pursuit.

    Now get your pals, weapons, armour,prayer, and food and also prepare to teleport to the rune essence... before you detect the mages have lost their minds. Upon hunting them you will discover a bit of parchment. It instructs you how to make a tele-tab into the rune essence. Create the teletabs, team up with your team and teleport into the essence.

    Today everybody will pick a rune-essence column, chant the incantation you're given (again everyones is different) and four demons will be summoned. Every one of these are lvl 127 and 1 will utilize mage-range,1 will use range-mellee, 1mellee mage, and another will utilize all three styles.maximum strikes are 10 for every style, and they have 105 hitpoints. (harm can only be dealt with them with the holy pickaxes)

    When your team has conquered the demons portals will re-open in the essence mine. Exit through them and speak to one of those mages to get your reward. Reward: 10k magical xp. Rune essence backpack (holds 10 rune essence, occupies cape area) Ability to earn teletabs to the rune essence mines, you can chose that mage to teleport out to. Either an extra 5k mage and array / at and str, based on which superhero you struggled. New rune character teleports (kolodion (mage arena) and some of the guardians in the alkharid mage arena. A runecrafting map which shows the a;tar places, and the revived altars.

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