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Sounds fairly promising in concept!

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    December 2, 2020
    The planning theory also applies to completing layups, replicating the notion of getting"good touch" round the rim. As you're driving you can hold the Guru Stick in any way to begin a layup, but this season, you'll want to quickly swing the rod to move the aiming tick to the NBA 2K Coins center of the goal. Aiming layups nicely can help overcome shot competitions and help you complete through contact. Personally, it's been difficult for me to go back to the Shot Button after getting used to Pro Stick shooting. And because shooting with the stick delivers a bit more complexity than just holding and releasing a button, in addition, it conveys a greater risk/reward.

    If it's possible to master shooting with the Guru Stick, you will get a higher ceiling for accessing greens and making tough shots, so I'm pretty sure it is going to be the shot method of choice for many aggressive 2K players. But because I know some will ask... yes, there is an option to disable Shot Aiming in case you really wish to return to last year's controllers. And a quick note for all the Park players... we've added over 40 fresh Park Jump Shot Landings for one to show off with when you hit from outside.

    This past year we introduced trademark dribble fashions, which lent Magic Johnson his unique upcourt waddle, Steve Nash's finger bends, and much more. This upgrade has now made its way on the defensive end with signature defensive motion fashions. In addition to this, movement has experienced several refinements, both with the ball and without, to provide a more consistent and responsive feel on the rods.

    Sounds fairly promising in concept! I'm particularly interested in the new method of shooting, which I have always found somewhat fussy in the NBA 2K games. Want to test out the mechanics before NBA 2K21 launches in September? PS5 variants and next-gen Xbox collection X are proposed.

    Over the years, 2K has been known to flooding August with information about the upcoming version of NBA 2K in what seems like a last-minute rush. It is hard to argue with their results from a sales standpoint as the match has cleared 10 million units sold every one of the last few years. Even with that history, the data release, or the absence thereof, is noticeable. The year has been a peculiar one in almost every way, so delays are understandable. The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the world and for Cheap 2K MT a moment, 2K developers were affected in a significant way having to operate from home.