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It's not balanced for real players

  • Sep 13
    Lon talked about WoW retail. There aren't any servers, however there is a massive server which allows you to play with any player within your region. The game is balanced, though Alliance is more skilled players than Horde.

    It's not balanced for real players. It could be balanced based on the amount of characters created however that's impossible to confirm. Log in to see the M+ keys and pug raids. I'm playing max level characters from both factions. But the level of skill differs greatly. It can be difficult to judge in a objective manner. This is probably due to everybody who is truly interested in engaging in serious rerolls to build hordes.

    There are some who support Blizzard due to this kind of nonsense. They make weak arguments like "if players are looking for Horde and that's the way it will be played, and it's impossible to hinder players from playing Horde" however it's quite likely.

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