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You can dock at any port in runescape

  • Sep 12
    We will be monitoring the market to identify the products they use to manipulate RS Gold. We will then organize as many boycotts and protest as possible to reduce their influence on the market. In the end, with the majority of these people earning smaller and smaller profits, they will cease to influence prices.

    If you are already manipulating prices, please read this: You may be thinking, "This is going to lessen the amount of money I earn! It is true. However, the proportions as to the cost of the items you purchase and the money you spend will remain the same. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy cheaper products.

    This allows the market and all its players to freely flow and allow it to be easier to access. (An economy that has 100 extremely rich people will not last, however an economy that has 10,000 diverse players will be bustling with more businesses and massive amounts of cash won't be needed.

    This brings back the old economy. The previous economy was a time when most skilled workers could be used to make a profit regardless of how much they cost. Utilizing the same method of boycott I discussed earlier to bring prices down to an appropriate level where the high leveled skilled workers who have worked their asses for a long time to reach these levels Buy Old School RuneScape Gold, can legally make more money than someone who's been cutting wood for 4 days.