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Another thought would also be getting more granite

  • Jun 4

    Another OSRS Gold thought would also be getting more granite things from barbarian assult i.e possibly granite maul 25k and kill queen, or also purhcaseable by points 200 in each function, there might also function as granite sword in there, 50 attk 60 str or 50 whichever is better.1 handed

    Another thing is not 500 being the maximum but 1000 or more on your points. That would be useful for gambling and maybe have super high gambling (1000) points that would increase the prospect of getting a much better thing, and also the infrequent desired dragon chainmail.

    Another awsome idea would include The queens leg for a wep, a 2 hand wep using 70 attk and 70 str that could be great 4 slashing and stabbing, shapped like a sickle but much longer and bigger, 2 handed. The stats could comprise, Slash +102, Crush +72, Stab(downward hit) +100, Other would include +104 strength

    Another awsome idea is adding the eggs to the obtainable items, the eggs could be sellable on the expansive market, it would be used in herblore, it could be used like a superb battle potion(red egg), or with different eggs to earn super magical potion(blue walnut ) or a super comprising potion(green egg),

    The possible menu would loook like. Upgrade item(you would click that your inventory will be glowing for you to select a product )Depending on the product and its present level(state) buy RuneScape gold the cost would vary but simply to demonstrate an idea