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    New World Open Beta this week

    Not a while ago, the developer of the next and upcoming MMORPG, New World, has posted how to enter the next beta phase. The beta is entitled "Open," but those who wish to have access to it have to do a couple of steps in order to acquire the cli...
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    Bless Unleashed Temporarily Suspended Accounts

    By now, anyone who plays games online knows that if you abuse issues with the game's system, you're going to be nailed for it. But, when it involves the possibility of getting stuff for free, some folks can't resist. Normally, those kinds of abuses earn a...
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    GUILD WARS 2: END OF DRAGONS Gets Tons of Awesome Reveals

    Guild Wars 2, for those who've somehow missed it, is an extremely good MMO—the kind of game that has PCG's Phil licking his lips at thoughts of the dragon Mordremoth. Yeah, there's a lot of dragons around. But perhaps that's about to change in End of Drag...
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    You need to know WoW: TBC Classic in Phase 2

    Blizzard has finally unveiled an official release date for World of Warcraft TBC Classic's second phase of content.

    World of Warcraft TBC Classic's Phase Two is on the horizon, and with that, the first season of PvP arenas will come to an end.

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    Top 4 Tips to Play Well with Aion Classic

    Aion Classic has been launched in the Americas on June 23rd, which keeps the same game contents, BM items and service format being provided in Korea as closely as possible. One of the ways Aion Online has tried to combat in-game inflation is by putting a ...
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    Final Fantasy 11 is still worth trying on 2021

    In October 2003, Final Fantasy XI was released for the PC in North America, and by March 2004, players could also access it on their PlayStation 2. Nearly 18 years after its launch, FFXI still has a robust player base, with over 1 million subscribers and ...