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  • They Ought to fix the shack door that is goblin in Lumbridge
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They Ought to fix the shack door that is goblin in Lumbridge

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    There isn't much use to earn rewards

    I was thinking that, wow, being a skiller in a dung party sure offers its advantages... There's no need to worry about food, since the skiller doesn't tank... ("HEY 105, get here, we need a high level to tank the hits, while we take no injury and eat...
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    What do you do if you suspect they're bot?

    Examining their score. The suspicion gauge should be set at zero. But, it's possible. If their suspicion meter reading is 1 is likely to indicate an easily manipulated person. The reading of their suspicion meter is 2, which could indicate they could be b...
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    Its special would include a piercing attack

    First off, here is an inventory of all the games that haven't been yet released in the realm of melee: Warhammer, Short Sword, Hasta, Kiteshield. Wow! That was a much shorter list than I had expected.

    I believe that the war-hammer is going to be releas...
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    You're getting a new experience

    I think it would be an excellent idea to allow players to revisit quests. I would suggest this to players as quests can be quite plot heavy. This would of course be member's only. The reason I have this is because I'm afraid that I will sometimes miss som...
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    To get the key from King Roald

    Gladia was an excellent gladiator, who taught me all that I am aware of. He left me this sword after he passed away. The blade was used to kill the Demonic Gladiators. The Demonic Gladiators became insane after they were forced to drink from the Chalice o...
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    When the vampires get to the Salve

    I believed Hreidmar left the city. He did. He moved his base somewhere in the desert, and we need to learn where. Not yet. We want you to get in touch with all the Temple Knights, and have them attempt to align themselves with the Red Axe, so we have spie...
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    They Ought to fix the shack door that is goblin in Lumbridge

    You want to repair the door - this reflects your own culture. If your door has been broken it would be fixed by you - so why wouldn't right, a goblin? Sounds benign at first, but this is actually a fairly negative way to check at other cultures - that we ...