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    Last Post by Joey Chen
    May 25

    Custom NBA 2K21 MyTeam Jerseys and Court

    Lifetime Agendas are brand new activities introduced to MyTeam mode this year's 2K basketball sim. These agendas are essentially challenges that give rewards when you play the game mode.
    One such award is the opportunity to customize jerseys and a court ...
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    Last Post by Joey Chen
    May 19

    Takeovers In NBA 2K21

    Create the takeover meter by gaining advantages on the court. After you've filled in the Correct Thumbstick, choose Team Takeover. Make shots, get help, play defense, get rebounds... it all adds up to the takeovers meter. You will see the depletion of the...
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    Last Post by Joey Chen
    May 17

    NBA 2K21 Season 5 Tips

    Season 5 is also a break from the previous seasons called 'Age of Heroes.' What do you know in NBA 2K21 about Season 5 details? In NBA 2K21 Season 5, we'll look at the challenges, cards, and incentives. To release your favorite players. Pls go to website ...